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Healthcare+ Pathways® Internship Program

Healthcare+ Pathways® is a summer experience for rising high school freshmen. Designed to increase the participation of under-represented groups within the clinical and non-clinical fields that have been shown by the National Science Foundation.  This three-week program provides unique career exploration opportunities for students who are American Indian or Alaskan Native, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, low income, or would be the first to attend college in their family.

This three-week internship program provides students with unique clinical and non-clinical career exploration opportunities in healthcare and the biomedical sciences, and gives them the opportunity to learn from world-renowned healthcare and community professionals.

Students will learn from world-renowned healthcare and business professionals to develop the skill sets needed to think critically, problem-solve, communicate, conduct investigative research, and challenge their own learning to compete in a global world.

Please review the Program Info, Eligibility, FAQs, and Application Process tabs BEFORE applying to the Healthcare+ Pathways® Internship Program.