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Educators: Enroll Your Classroom Now!
Enrollment is now open for the 2016-17 The Worldwide Classroom® connected learning experiences.  Click here for more information.

Educators: Learn More About Dangerous DecibelsĀ®
This free, school-based program designed to teach 4th through 5th graders the concepts of noise-induced hearing loss prevention.  Click here for more information.

healthCARE™ (Cultivating Acceptance and Respect through Education) is an educational program designed to promote inclusion and self-esteem among children ages 5 through 10. Developed by the Civic Education Department and the Cleveland Clinic Theatre Company, the program provides free educational resources, including award-winning videos and accompanying curricula which meet state and national academic standards in a variety of subjects. Also, healthCARE™ offers disease-specific lessons so teachers can address inclusion and self-esteem as they relate to specific medical conditions.

The Strory of Mr. Oak and Miss Reed: Making the Most of Change

Oak and Reed: Making the Most of Change – Curriculum



Tall Tale: Learning About Individual Differences


Individual Differences: General Curriculum

Individual Differences: Asthma Curriculum
Individual Differences: Autism Curriculum
Individual Differences: Cancer Curriculum
Individual Differences: Diabetes Curriculum
Individual Differences: Mobility Impairment

Career Profiles for Use with healthCARE™ Curricula