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Our Connected Learning: Worldwide Classroom® Program is designed to expose middle and high school students to important health topics and related careers. Click here to learn more!

Middle and High School Students: Apply to Our Clinic-Based Programs!
Click here to find out how to apply to Civic Education's Clinic-Based Programs, and you could be selected to spend the summer of 2016 learning and working alongside caregivers at Cleveland Clinic.


The Civic Education Department offers many learning resources for the community, appropriate for grades pre-K to 12. Many are interactive opportunities that have been created by past student interns.

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Earl's Garage

Explore the countless connections between the heart and brain, electricity and medicine, while promoting science literacy, math literacy, health and wellness, innovation, and creativity in the process.

From Jump Ropes to Microscopes

Learn about lesser known healthcare careers with this interactive children's book.


This dynamic online program promotes inclusion and self-esteem through multi-media educational tools.


Get access to Cleveland Clinic’s Health Library which offers nearly 5,000 health articles, videos and tools.

mRi™: myRESEARCH illuminated

Take a creative look at science through the video series that illuminates the groundbreaking research of Cleveland Clinic high school interns.


Check out this online video series to see what each Science Internship Program track has to offer.


Learn about groundbreaking research conducted by our summer interns.

Online Health Chats

Get answers to your health questions and concerns. It's easy to be part of our live chat events, led by Cleveland Clinic physicians and health educators.


This service is designed to support school nurses and other staff who dispense medication, and to promote students’ health and wellness.

Power Washers™

These hygiene superheroes use music, humor, and games to promote the importance, technique, and science of proper hand washing. 

YouTube: Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic’s YouTube Channel features numerous video resources that span a wide variety of health topics.