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A World Turned Upside Down

Mia Zivkovic

eXpressions™ Program: Language School: Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School City/State: Broadview Heights, Ohio Teacher(s): Todd Goodman Medium/Genre: Poetry eXhibition Year: 2017
eXpressionist Statement:

I have always believed in the power of religion, and I was intrigued by the idea that spiritual care had a positive impact on certain groups of patients that were very much in need of it. I chose to illustrate this through my poem, in which the narrator, a hopeless alcohol abuser, is able to change his or her perspective on life and find revitalized confidence in the prospect of recovery. Read from top to bottom, a very dismal perspective is revealed. However, read from bottom to top, the patient's point of view has found an increased level of optimism because of a priest who has opened his or her eyes to religion. Through this piece, I was able to express that religious beliefs are a powerful force that can entirely turn a bad situation around.


Selected Research

An Inquiry Into the Relationship Between Spiritual Care Interventions and Length of Stay in Select Hospital Patients Researcher: Lauryn Hamilton Mentor: Rabbi Susan Stone School: Cleveland Early College High School Internship Track: Nursing Care Internship Year: 2016