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Artificial Breath

McKenna Randall

eXpressions™ Program: Art School: Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School City/State: Chardon, Ohio Teacher(s): Mary Ann Sedivy Medium/Genre: Mixed-Media eXhibition Year: 2017
eXpressionist Statement:

I formed an artistic representation of Katherine McGreal's research project. I created a pair of lungs out of wispy paint strokes and flowers to symbolize the naturalism of the human body before medical procedures take place. The rusted wire throughout the lungs represents the invasive mechanical ventilation that is put into the lungs and body when surgical procedures take place. The handprints present in the background represent the danger of interfering with the natural functions of the human body.


Selected Research

Evaluating Pulmonary Function Testing Results and Their Impact on Postoperative Outcomes Researcher: Katherine McGreal Mentor: Louis Campiri, BSRT, RRT, RCP School: Beaumont School Internship Track: Respiratory Care Internship Year: 2016