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Be Still

Katie McCollister

eXpressions™ Program: Language School: Kirtland High School City/State: Kirtland, Ohio Teacher(s): Eric Eye Medium/Genre: Poetry eXhibition Year: 2017
eXpressionist Statement:

This poem is based on the "Chip System" and how it may help everyday life for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I began by using the signs of ADHD in a child at the beginning of each stanza and incorporated what might go through their minds. I then used the second paragraph to show the improvements of these children and explain how after they do something good, they get tangible rewards, the chips, to help them grasp what is right and wrong. My hope for this poem is to encourage more empathy and patience when dealing with people with ADHD.


Selected Research

Using the "Chip System": The Effects of Tangible Rewards on Shaping Behaviors of 6-Year-Olds at The Summer Treatment Program for Children With ADHD Researcher: Ta-Tyana Trammell Mentor: Hilary Alexander, MEd, LPCC School: Shaw High School Internship Track: Health Horizons Internship Year: 2016