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Blackout Pain

Anthony Costanzo

eXpressions™ Program: Art School: Brunswick High School City/State: Brunswick, Ohio Teacher(s): Shauna Spiesz Medium/Genre: Digital Media eXhibition Year: 2017
eXpressionist Statement:

I chose to do my project about concussions in athletes because it concerns me and the people around me. When a concussion occurs, at the point of contact, the brain begins to be crushed. When the banana hits the wall in my image, it begins to be crushed and oozes out. Each picture in the sequence represents what is happening to the brain over a series of seconds. The texture shows how your mind is cracking and you begin to black out. The darker images represent the person blacking out.


Selected Research

Measuring Head Acceleration to Identify Concussions in Athletes Researcher: Megan Dickinson Mentor: Adam Bartsch, PhD, PE School: Orange High School Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2016