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Missed Medication Errors Due to the Therapist

Karl King|Zachary Urda

eXpressions™ Program: Math School: Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School City/State: Chardon, Ohio Teacher(s): Marcia Pecek Medium/Genre: Mathematical Analysis eXhibition Year: 2017
eXpressionist Statement:

The reason we chose Linden Miller’s project is because we found the relationship between the patient and therapist to be interesting. This inspired us to research more on this topic because we found that medication errors were common in every hospital, and that these errors could inflict harm upon the patients due to the fault of the therapist. Our hope by doing this project is to learn more about how much at fault the therapists are for missed medication errors. By performing calculations and obtaining results, we hope to perhaps draw more attention to this problem.


Selected Research

Evaluation of Missed Medications Researcher: Linden Miller Mentor: Dan Sutton, MPA, BS, RRT School: Hudson High School Internship Track: Respiratory Care Internship Year: 2016