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McLain Wilson

eXpressions® Program: Art School: Euclid High School City/State: Euclid, Ohio Teacher(s): Edith Mellen Medium/Genre: Painting eXhibition Year: 2018
eXpressionist Statement:

I created this piece by cutting up 10 different paintings and then rearranging them to create an abstract grid composition. The pieces represent the different effects breast cancer can have on different people, both now and later in their lives. It also represented the colorful personality that my grandmother exuberated during her life, before falling victim to cancer. I chose to title my piece 42/252,710 because there are currently 252,710 breast cancer victims in 2017.


Selected Research

Prevalence of the 3HSDB1 N367T Germline Variant in Human Breast Cancer Researcher: Drake Snyder Mentor: Jame Abraham, MD School: North Royalton High School Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2017