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A Shot in the Dark

Anya Parsons

eXpressions® Program: Art School: Kenston High School City/State: Chagrin Falls Township, Ohio Teacher(s): Andie Quinn Medium/Genre: 3D/Sculpture eXhibition Year: 2018
eXpressionist Statement:

This piece was created based on Diana Fekete’s “The Individual and Global Benefits of Immunizations.” I was inspired by the concept of herd immunity being weakened by an under-vaccinated community. The wolf is the personification of disease breaking through the vaccine barrier and infiltrating the community. The box represents a fence surrounding sheep and also the previously mentioned vaccine barrier. Through the sheep on the glass, the viewer can see where disease is entering through the weakened “fence.” The “fence” is covered with articles of Dr. Wakefield, the man who weakened society’s faith in immunization.


Selected Research

The Individual and Global Benefits of Immunizations Researcher: Diana Fekete Mentor: David Simko, PharmD School: Rocky River High School Internship Track: Pharmacy Internship Year: 2017