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Ambitious Amputations

Kyle Borah, Jacob Craven

eXpressions® Program: Math School: Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School City/State: Chardon, Ohio Teacher(s): Marcia Pecek Medium/Genre: Mathematical Analysis eXhibition Year: 2018
eXpressionist Statement:

We chose Rachel Rafferty’s topic – the mortality of the transmetatarsal amputations – because we both can relate to this through family and friends. Family is very important, and this is a real-world problem. Researching this topic has helped us both with learning about the hazards, dangers, and risks involved with such a major surgery. Life is precious at all stages, and that shows how important this topic is. We enjoyed learning about this topic and the challenge that representing it through math posed to us both.


Selected Research

A Five-Year Retrospective Review of the Mortality of the Transmetatarsal Amputation Researcher: Rachel Rafferty Mentor: Georgeanne Botek, DPM School: The Ohio State University Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2017