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Caroline Walsh

eXpressions® Program: Art School: Shaker Heights High School City/State: Shaker Heights, Ohio Teacher(s): Karen DeMauro Medium/Genre: Textile/Stitchery eXhibition Year: 2018
eXpressionist Statement:

This dress represents the pain of cancer in contrast to the steps to defeat it. Treatment for the disease is taxing on the whole body, not just the breast. However, defeating cancer shows incredible strength. The goal of my dress is to show the hardships of breast cancer – for example, the harsh effects of treatment and physical pain. However, my dress is also optimistic, because it celebrates the strength shown by the women and men who battle it, and those who support them. Both breasts are burned to show that cancer has deep effects, but also that the power of human love and persistence can someday defeat it, and that slowly, love and persistence are already winning.


Selected Research

Prevalence of the 3HSDB1 N367T Germline Variant in Human Breast Cancer Researcher: Drake Snyder Mentor: Jame Abraham, MD School: North Royalton High School Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2017