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Retaining the Flow

Sadie Reda

eXpressions™ Program: Art School: Hoover High School City/State: North Canton, Ohio Teacher(s): Christopher Triner Medium/Genre: Colored Pencil eXhibition Year: 2018
eXpressionist Statement:

The study I based my artwork on is about prescribing medication for ADHD so that children who are diagnosed can be treated properly. My brother has ADHD and my mother has ADD, and I have watched them struggle with finding the right prescriptions.The water being poured into my brother’s head represents how people with ADHD have trouble retaining knowledge; the way the water leaks out of his head, nose, eyes, and mouth illustrates that medication is a necessary help that is needed. In the background, I incorporated questions related to the diagnosis of ADHD.


Selected Research

ADHD Stimulant Titration in a Medication Monitoring Clinic vs. Pediatric Primary Care Researcher: Leanne Tang Mentor: Kimberly Giuliano, MD School: John Carroll University Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2017