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The Power of Vaccines

Ethan Barker

eXpressions® Program: Math School: Middleburg Heights Junior High School City/State: Middleburg Heights, Ohio Teacher(s): Stacey Jennings Medium/Genre: Mathematical Analysis eXhibition Year: 2018
eXpressionist Statement:

I chose Diana Fekete’s pharmacy project, “The Individual and Global Benefits of Immunizations,” because I feel that not enough people are knowledgeable about the true health benefits of receiving vaccines and the immunization that follows. Receiving a vaccine is a simple step that can lead to great benefits for yourself and others, yet many people still do not receive the proper vaccinations. My hope is that this project can help to increase awareness about the true benefits of being vaccinated and immunized, and help decrease the number of unvaccinated people.


Selected Research

The Individual and Global Benefits of Immunizations Researcher: Diana Fekete Mentor: David Simko, PharmD School: Rocky River High School Internship Track: Pharmacy Internship Year: 2017