Learn how to bring Health Unleashed! to your school.

Worldwide Classroom® - Get up close and personal with Cleveland Clinic Caregivers                               

Cleveland Clinic’s Worldwide Classroom® engages middle and high school students in topical explorations of health issues and health science and medicine career opportunities.  Each connected learning experience includes interactive exchanges with healthcare professionals that are designed to influence and encourage students to make healthy life choices and to explore health science and medicine career paths. 

Worldwide Classroom® connected learning experiences are held twice a month via easy-to-use webinar technology.  Each session is hosted by a Cleveland Clinic Caregiver who will engage students with their personal stories, multimedia demonstrations, interactive polling, and Q&A sessions.  Worldwide Classroom® connected learning experiences are aligned with instructional standards and local, state, and national health and wellness and college and career readiness initiatives.
And don’t forget - Worldwide Classroom® is always free and a la carte, teachers can choose to have their students participate in any or all of the connected learning experiences. 

Check back soon for program updates.