The eXpressions® program is a free, award-winning educational initiative that engages middle and high school students in the creative exploration of science and medicine. Through project-based, peer-to-peer learning, students translate research studies conducted by Cleveland Clinic interns and caregivers, producing artistic, literary, and mathematical interpretations of the science.
In addition to promoting a deeper appreciation for science and its connections to other disciplines, eXpressions gives students the chance to win awards and exhibition and publication honors, and offers teachers the chance to earn graduate credit from the convenience of their classroom. And since the program connects to state and national academic content standards, it provides participants with the opportunity to cultivate 21st century skills in a fun, creative way.

This year, 1,439 participants interpreted research studies focused on five community health priorities: diabetes, heart disease, infant mortality, obesity, and opioids/pain management. These powerful, often personal interpretations of research can help inform, educate and inspire our community, ultimately leading to improved public health.


2020 eXpressions Video

2020 eXpressions eXhibition Booklet