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A Deadly Habit

Emily Zepp

eXpressions® Program: Art School: Hoover High School City/State: North Canton, Ohio Teacher(s): Christopher Triner Medium/Genre: Colored Pencil eXhibition Year: 2019
eXpressionist Statement:

Everyone has lost a loved one or known someone affected by a stroke. It is my hope that this piece can highlight one circumstance that can lead to tragedy, and invoke sympathy from the viewer. The hand I drew for this piece is my own Grandma's, and I drew it on one of her own quilts. The study found that the largest demographic who abused drugs and had strokes were older women, which is part of why I drew this piece the way I did. The image is meant to remind people of their own loved ones and help them understand and interpret strokes in a simple way.


Selected Research

The Impact of Substance Abuse on Strokes Researcher: Mary Jane Nguyen Mentor: Grace Gunther, RN, BSN School: Saint Joseph Academy Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2018