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A Hope

Christina Ibos

eXpressions® Program: Language School: Trinity High School City/State: Garfield Heights, Ohio Teacher(s): Gina Ramirez Medium/Genre: Short Story eXhibition Year: 2019
eXpressionist Statement:

My work is inspired by Karen Dong's research, "Obtaining Animal Assisted Therapy for Geriatric Psychiatry Patients." I created this piece to signify the potential benefits of introducing therapy dogs to patients, especially dementia patients. My short story reflects the bleak perspective dementia sufferers may experience. A therapy dog may affect the staff they come in contact with as well; therefore, I include the doctor, "Newspaper Man." My family is at a greater risk for developing dementia or Alzheimer's than most people, so the increase in therapy dog assistance to geriatric patients may be key for my relatives.


Selected Research

Obtaining Animal Assisted Therapy for Geriatric Psychiatry Patients Researcher: Karen Dong Mentor: Tria O'Maille, MA-BC-DMT School: University of Pennsylvania Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2018