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Am I Skinny Enough?

Anthony Hurd

eXpressions® Program: Art School: Garfield Heights High School City/State: Garfield Heights, Ohio Teacher(s): Emily Mayausky Medium/Genre: Mixed-Media eXhibition Year: 2019
eXpressionist Statement:

The clear scale represents the fact that there's no clear reasoning for having eating disorders. The scale is also broken to show that your weight doesn't matter because larger bones weigh more and are less at risk for fractures than smaller ones, according to Nicole Neifert. The ruler signifies that body mass index is a ratio of a person’s weight to height. I placed a female on the ruler because it happens to affect mainly females. Studies show that mostly Caucasians can have eating disorders, but I chose to make her skin grey because it doesn't matter what skin color you have – eating disorders affect all. I put inspirational words on the ruler to represent how females should view themselves.


Selected Research

Does Bone Structure Impact Predicted Weight for Height at Recovery in Patients with Eating Disorders Researcher: Nicole Neifert Mentor: Ellen Rome, MD, MPH School: Hudson High School Internship Track: Applied Medicine Internship Year: 2018