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An Abstract Mind

McKayla Lange

eXpressions® Program: Art School: Riverside High School City/State: Painesville Township, Ohio Teacher(s): Drew Hartmann Medium/Genre: Painting eXhibition Year: 2019
eXpressionist Statement:

My project was inspired by Shanya Reaves’s research on the effects of mindfulness on children diagnosed with ADHD. After teaching three groups of children how to use mindful breathing strategies, conclusions show children engaged in mindfulness exhibit more positive behaviors than negative behaviors. The boy displayed in grayscale represents all diagnosed ADHD children and their inabilities to regulate their conduct. The vibrant colors filling the imagery from his mind represents the positive effects mindful breathing strategies can have for children with this disorder.


Selected Research

Effects of Mindfulness on Children With ADHD Researcher: Shanya Reaves Mentor: Hilary Alexander, LPCC-S School: Warrensville Heights High School Internship Track: Nursing Care Internship Year: 2018