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Is your local community asking for your healthcare organization to do more in your local K–12 schools?

Is your organization looking for opportunities to engage with your future workforce?

Adventures in Health Science and Medicine® (AHSM®)
The Adventures in Health Science and Medicine® program, or AHSM (pronounced “awesome” ) for short, is a turnkey connected learning program that can be licensed by your healthcare organization to meet your educational and community benefit goals.

Through an interactive case study investigation, AHSM connects middle school students in your community with healthcare professionals from your organization working in a variety of fields, including radiology, respiratory therapy, medical laboratory, pharmacy, and physical therapy. The AHSM program culminates with an “IDEA$ Challenge” where students work with their peers to apply their learning in the development of a new health science or medical innovation.
Leaders in Innovation
In 2018, AHSM received the world's most prestigious distance learning award. The Innovation Award, presented by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) honors excellence in innovation and originality, as well as measurable impact within distance learning.
“AHSM is not a class, it is not a lecture, and it is not a presentation. It is an immersive and multifaceted learning experience which leverages the best practices of instruction and learning in a distance learning/webinar environment.“  - Janine Lim,  Associate Dean, Online Higher Education Andrews University Department of Digital Learning and Instructional

Are you interested in learning more about AHSM? Join us for a 20-minute, hands-on webinar to learn how you can implement Adventures in Health Science and Medicine in your local schools.

Upcoming Webinars

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