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mRi™: myRESEARCH illuminated

2013 Season

Welcome to the mRi™ NETWORK!
Join 2013 Creative Learning Interns Olivia Baer (Beaumont High School), Anubhuti Kumar (Strongsville High School), and Laura McDiarmid (Westlake High School) for a blockbuster lineup of science-inspired favorites. Daytime drama, extreme makeovers, and cancer-fighting ninjas – it’s all right here on mRi™: the network that illuminates the groundbreaking research of Cleveland Clinic high school interns.

Extreme Makeover Healthcare Edition:
A Blueprint for World-Class Nurses

Featured Intern:
Logan Lesley
Bedford High School
2013 Nursing Intern

Logan Lesley Research Poster
Logan Lesley Research Presentation
Extreme Makeover Healthcare Edition Fast Facts

The Young and the Breathless:
Obesity and the Misdiagnosis of Asthma

Featured Intern:
Amol Parkash Randhawa
Solon High School
2013 Respiratory Therapy Intern

Amol Parkash Randhawa Reseach Poster
Amol Parkash Randhawa Research Presentation
The Young and the Breathless PDF

Science Made Simple:
Targeted Therapies in Cancer Treatment

Featured Intern:
Emma Coley
Walsh Jesuit High School
2013 Medical Laboratory Intern

Emma Coley Research Poster
Emma Coley Research Presentation
Science Made Simple Fast Facts