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Join us at one of our "Destination: Application" workshops during the month of January, so you can meet the Civic Education staff members and learn more about the application process.

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Congratulations to our Teacher Raffle Winner, Joanne Soltis!


Cleveland Clinic's Science Internship Program provides unlimited opportunities for high school students to explore the world of healthcare. The myINTERNSHIP™ video series, written and produced by 2009 Creative Learning Intern/2010 Creative Learning Peer Mentor Clare Wittenberg, provides a detailed look at what each internship track has to offer.

myINTERNSHIP™: Creative Learning

myINTERNSHIP™: Laboratory Medicine

myINTERNSHIP™: Nursing Care

myINTERNSHIP™: Pharmacy

myINTERNSHIP™: Public Health

myINTERNSHIP™: Radiology

myINTERNSHIP™: Respiratory Care

myINTERNSHIP™: Science