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Delaying the Initial Newborn Bath and Breastfeeding Exclusivity

Sarah Pflaum

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School: Orange High School
Internship Track: Nursing Care
Year 2017
Mentor: Heather DiCioccio, DNP, RNC-MNN, CKC
Co-Mentor(s): Susan Dunlap, MSN, MHA, RN, CLC
Department(s): Nursing Education & Professional Development/Family Maternity Center
Abstract: Scant literature exists on the topic of delayed bathing in the newborn period. This study looked at the relationship between the time of the newborn's first bath, breastfeeding exclusivity, weight loss, and other variables. Data were collected from before and after the bath was delayed, allowing time for staff to become accustomed to the change. This study's intention is to prove a positive relationship between a delayed first bath and breastfeeding exclusivity.