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Pre-Transplant Panel Reactive Antibodies and HLA-A*/DQB1* Mismatches Associated With the Development of de novo Donor Specific Antibody After Lung Transplant

George Nageeb

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School: University School
Internship Track: Applied Medicine
Year 2017
Mentor: Aiwen Zhang, PhD
Co-Mentor(s): Elizabeth Winn
Department(s): Allogen Lab
Abstract: De novo donor specific antibodies cause antibody mediated rejection, which is the primary cause of transplant failure. This retrospective study looked for a way to detect potential development of de novo donor specific antibodies before a transplant occurs in order to better match donors with recipients. We found that mismatches in HLA-A* and DQB1* loci, as well as pre-transplant PRA>30%, were associated with dDSA production after LuTx and should be considered as the secondary pre-transplant histocompatibility risk factors that warrant closer post-transplant DSA monitoring.